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August 28, 2009

Some Reflection on “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck

I just started reading the book “Finding Your Own North Star claiming the life you were meant to live” and from the few pages this book is resonating with me.  We each have two selves inside us which are the essential self and the social self.  The essential self is the intricate compasses that “continuously point toward your North Star”.  The social self is the “set of skills that actually carry toward this goal”.  For example, your essential self want passionately to become an engineer, your social self will struggle through calculus and physics.  You will achieve success in your life when your essential self and social self are in alignment.  You will be amazed how your body, mind and soul are affected when your inner selves are out of alignment.  Have you ever found yourself sabotaging your job by being late, daydreaming, and countless other ways?  This is a perfect example of our essential self speaking to us and we continue to ignore it.

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When I was a student as early as junior high school all of my teachers recognized that I was excellent in mathematics and science.  The profession that all of them recommended was engineering.  My social self listened to them and went on to earn my B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  I have had my degree for over seventeen years and I have never worked in a job as an engineer.  I did not listen to my essential self because I just listened to what my teachers said.

The next thing that is drilled into to us is working for a company for over twenty-five years, retire and then travel.  The current economical environment of today shows us that this theory is a fallacy.  If I had taken the time to reflect and listened to whatever my essential self said. Who knows how much further in life I would be today?  When the essential self and social self are in alignment the satisfaction that you get out of your life would be everlasting.  My charge to you is that you take the time to listen to your essential self.

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August 8, 2009

An Occasional Distraction is Good in Your Personal Development

Distraction is defined the dictionary as an interruption, confusion or madness. An obstacle is defined as an impediment, hindrance or barrier. Your path to personal and financial development may have different roadblocks.  You must determine whether you should run over, sidestep or jump over the roadblock. You must recognize a distraction for what it is, an interruption, and not let it become an obstacle.

A “Google slap” is an example of an obstacle. You did not have any control over what Google did with your ad. Google for some unknown reason decided that your ad violated their rules. You did not write the rules and probably can’t find a copy of the rules written anywhere on the internet. You may waste your time investigating reasons why or take it in stride and move on to the next task at hand. The degree to which an obstacle hinders your home business on line is determines by how you react to it.  Your available options are to either knock down, side step or climb over an obstacle. You must handle a distraction differently otherwise your personal development efforts will be for nothing.

An example of a distraction is the latest Harry Potter starts on Wednesday night at a special screening time. You are in charge of whether or not you go to this movie. This screening does not help you in your financial development.  This distraction will interrupt your personal development temporarily.  The combination of a few distractions could make it very difficult for you to succeed in your personal development. These activities are in direct correlation to your income.  The more your personal development increases the more your income will grow.  The less time you spend on your personal development activities the less your income will grow.  A distraction unlike the “Google Slap” is totally up to you on how you let it interfere with your financial development.  If you allow distractions to overrun you, then your failure will be imminent.

The way you tackle an obstacle or distraction is up to you. One distraction by itself might not hinder your success.  This mole might become a mountain if you don’t differentiate between a distraction and an obstacle.  Distractions not handle appropriately leads you to procrastinate.  When procrastination takes over, then your personal development income will be affected.  You are allowed some form of distractions in your personal and financial development, but you must not let it interfere with your destiny.

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Personal Development and The Sixth Step to Riches

The Book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill discusses thirteen steps to riches. Organized planning is the sixth step to riches. Desire is the first step to riches and organized planning is the crystallization of desire in action. Your personal development training is useless unless you have an organized plan to accomplish it.   Your riches will only grow in proportion to your personal development.  The more you grow the more weapons you have in your arsenal to succeed. Napoleon Hill refers to forming a mastermind group, even though he has not discussed how to form one at this point in the book.  It is a good policy to have your plans checked and approved by your mastermind group. No one person is an island, therefore the cooperation of other people is critical in generating wealth.  Your mastermind group does not guaranty that your plans will work.  You will use their collective knowledge and experiences to come up with the best possible plan.  Personal developing mind will make you stronger mentally to come up with better definitive plans to help you on your road to riches.

Your organized plan still might not work; if it does not work then replace it with another plan until success is achieved. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. The people who fail in their personal development lack the persistence to create new plans when old ones fail. Your plans must be practical and workable to be able to succeed.  We would not have the incandescent electric light bulb today if Thomas Edison did not fail over 10,000 times.  Every time he failed Thomas Edison evaluated why he failed and made another plan of action.  He did not fall short of his goal.  Thomas Edison is a perfect example that your consistent and persistent action will help you succeed in your personal development.

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True Personal Development Education Requires Health and Wellness Awareness

Successful people sometimes give up their health to gain wealth. These same people then will give up their wealth to gain health. Your personal development education requires you train your mind, body and spirit.  Health and Wellness is a major industry and continuously growing everyday.  More people are focusing on preventing and keeping off illnesses.   You would be doing yourself an injustice if you only focused on just developing your mind.  Your body is one of the greatest marvels in the World; the inner working of your body is very complicated and intricate. Your heart is capable of beating until you are well over 100 hundred years old. The main factors that can stop your work of art from operating properly in its track are lack of exercise and your diet.  We must find the right combination of diet and exercise.  You must make a decision whether to live to eat or eat to live.   When you choose to eat to live, then food intake is easy.  There are five dirty ingredients that are detrimental to your health.  When you diet is filled with these ingredients you are more susceptible to diseases.

The five dirty ingredients are listed below:

1. High fructose corn syrup

2. Artificial color

3. Artificial Flavor

4. Enriched Flour

5. Partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated oils

You would be surprised how many products in your home have the ingredients above. Go to your refrigerator and cupboard and take an inventory of the five dirty ingredients. You will be amazed at the amount of products that have these ingredients. Your body is your temple so you have to be very careful that you don’t abuse it. You should be aware of the type of food which give or take away your energy.  When we are a little depressed we tend to eat sweets.  Sugar is one of the worst detriments to our body. We have many essential acids that are necessary to help our body function sugar is not one of them. The person who lives to eat life will be surrounded by these five dirty ingredients.   The next piece of puzzle that is extremely important is exercise.

A consistent program of exercise that has been shown to improve your bodily function is listed below:

1. Decreased risk of stroke and heart disease

2. Decreased body fat

3. Improved movements of joints and muscles

4. Improved oxygen deliveries throughout the body

5. Improved sense of well-being

6. Improved strength and endurance

Your exercise does not have to be four hours per day every day of the year.  You may exercise for twenty minutes per day for three times per week and your body will still reap the benefits listed above.  Don’t be a fanatic about exercising just develop consistency in your exercise program.

Your personal development training encompasses your mind, body and spirit. It is very important that your personal development training includes a structured program for your mind and body.  Your health and wellness care is an important arsenal in your personal development tools.   Your mind will try to fix or solve the problem when your body is not functioning at its best.  When you have your priorities in the proper sequence then diet and exercise becomes part of your life.  The right synergy of improving your personal development and taking care of your body must be achieved.  If your diet and exercise becomes natural like breathing then you know that success is not far away.

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August 4, 2009

Personal Branding is Great for Your Personal Development Training.

Personal Branding is all about highlighting yourself as an expert and trustworthy person in your field. What knowledge do you bring to the table versus the competitors in your industry?  The expert or go to guy for information is normally the one that people recognizes and trust. The goal of a personal branding is to be that expert that people will do business with. Personal Branding is absolutely required even more, mainly due to the very impersonal nature of the Internet.  Use your personal development training to identify the type of leader that you would like to become known.

When I sold a high end home care system door to door many years ago, I did it through direct one on one contact with my customers. Customers who never saw your product before would call you to deliver it to their home never happened. This product has been sold this way for over 80 years and it will probably be done that way forever. The advent of the Internet and the other technologically Medias have now made selling more impersonal. We can go on E-Bay, purchase an item using Paypal and never see the person selling the item.

The personal touch is totally missing from the transaction. The majority of these transactions go through without a hitch, but what about the ones that the buying party is cheated. The trust factor is the first thing that is highlighted because obviously you did not know this person. Personal Branding helps put the trust factor back into buying and selling products on the Internet. People can now follow you on Twitter, get to know you better  on Facebook, read your thoughts and beliefs on your blog, check out your website, “Google” your name or company, etc. before they even go into business with you and that took them a total of 10 minutes.

I had to spend at least 2 hours in people’ homes when I sold door to door to develop the trust factor before they purchased the product. The rules of first impressions apply, because within a few minutes people will know whether they want to do business with you. The importance of a clear personal branding message that is genuine and authentic is the difference between people doing business with you or going to another expert.  Personal development will help you differentiate from the other leader in your industry.

Personal development is a key component in becoming successful.  Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” discusses thirteen steps to riches.  Read my thoughts on the fifth step which is imagination.


July 31, 2009

Personal Developing Using Imagination,The Fifth Step to Riches

Imagination is the fifth step to riches in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”. The mind is so powerful that if you conceived you may achieve it.  The dictionary in your mind is filled with words.  You form sentences with these words.  The proper words placed together forms an idea.  Ideas are the starting place for all fortunes. Thomas Edison imagined a world where a lamp could be operated by electricity.  Thomas Edison had countless failures, yet today where would we be without his inventions.  The obvious answer is in the dark or reading by candlelight.  Imagination is responsible for countless inventions that have helped this world immensely.  We will discuss personal developing our imagination to create wealth.  The two types of imagination are Synthetic Imagination and Creative Imagination.

Synthetic Imagination arranges old concepts, ideas or plans into a new combination.  People tend to stay with what works and are not looking to set new precedence.  We should think of this as re-engineering processes into something better. Synthetic Imagination is the best processes to utilize in your home business.  You should follow the step by step system that has worked for many people before you.  Creative Imagination is based on “hunches” and “inspirations” where new ideas are created.

Creative people are trendsetters willing to navigate in uncharted waters.  They are willing to go down the path less traveled.  Investing in personal developing your mind, body and spirit is one way to set you above the rest. The average person is not happy with their life and financial situation, but is unwilling to change it. Your commitment to personal developing allows you to use a combination of both synthetic imagination and creative imagination.

Success in personal developing is limited by how well you are able to use your imagination to the fullest.  Is it better to have book smart or common sense?  They are book smart people that can follow a system to the letter, but if one things changes they will be unable to adapt.  They are many creative people who once the idea comes to life.  They are unable and unwilling to deal with the business aspect of it.  The person who can master both imaginations will succeed faster in personal development.  We are only limited by our inability to develop and utilize our imagination.

The crux of the matter is that we have not reach the peak of the mountain with our current use of our imagination.  The single handed best way to get what we truly want is to imagine success as if it already happened on a daily basis.  If you are bedridden for many years, you will spend a significant amount of time retraining and rebuilding your muscles.   Your imagination is not the only method to create wealth while using personal developing to strengthen your inside.  You must use all the different methods and strategies that you come across in your personal development.

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July 29, 2009

You Will Not Succeed Until You Master The Seventh Step to Riches

Napoleon Hill in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” states that decision is the seventh step to riches. The Latin root for the word decision means to cut off from alternatives. You looked at all the different scenarios, and then you severed the unacceptable ones. The scenario that is left is the one that you pursue. Your decision making process must be very efficient and effective. The opposite of decision is procrastination, ironically procrastination is normally the decision that most people make. Procrastination is a twin to indecision. You must make the decision to be successful in your home based business and commit to it.  If you don’t make decisions, then procrastination will steal your success in your home business.

The ultimate goal is to make the proper decisions in ensuring success in your home based business. If people with opinions change your mind frequently, you will never attract money to your home based business. Your carefully selected mastermind group is the only people that you should receive an “opinion” on your proposal. There are a number of different ways to evaluate a situation, choose one and use it to come to a final decision.  When you reach decisions in a timely manner you, then you become a master over procrastination.  The toughest decisions to make are those that not only impact your life, but also your family.

The people who overcome procrastination will allow the results to make the necessary statement.  A 26.2 mile marathon is not completed until the runner makes the decision to take the first step. The majority of failures may be attributed to a lack of decision.   Inaction is a major cause of failure in the decision making process.  Major corporations that previously use to sweep failures under the rug are now looking at them more closely.  These corporations are trying to learn from these failures to avoid the same thing happening in the future. Most successful people make decisions quickly and are very slow to change them. The unsuccessful person makes decision slowly and changes them rapidly.

The value of your decisions is depended on your courage to make them. The great decisions made by leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln was reached at great risks. Abraham Lincoln made decisions that ultimately led to his death.  The decisions you make not only impact you but affect everyone in your life. The conclusion that you reached after consideration must not be taken lightly. Your telephone feels like a hundred pounds when you pick it up to call your leads. You made the decision to be a success in your home business yet you procrastinate in making those phone calls. When you don’t make those phone calls, then you are allowing procrastination to run your home business. Your success or failure in your home business is dependent on your actions or in actions.

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6 Excuses People Use to Delay Their Personal Development

Your personal development is depending on how you deal with certain obstacles.  The major obstacles that you need to overcome to clear your brain are procrastination.   Procrastination renders your desire to succeed in your life and business ineffective. Procrastinating is the opposite of decision. When people procrastinate productivity becomes non-existent.  The pain of discipline weighs ounces while the pain of regret weight pounds. Overcoming procrastination is a much easier way to achieving success.   Excuses are monument of inadequacy; therefore you should not excel in them.  There are six main excuses why people procrastinate.

6 Excuses why people procrastinate:

1. You’re Bored.

When you life become routine and you just go through the motion. When the initial enthusiasm of investing in their personal development wears off, most people need a new challenge.  You must ask yourself these simple questions.  Am I bored with what I’m Doing?  Why am I bored?  What would give me more energy?  You must recognize that you are bored and be very aware of your feelings.  Successful people look for bigger and better opportunities to keep their juices flowing.  The appeal of routine personal development strategies is never something they will settle for.  Personal development requires that you read books, listen to CD etc. and the overall process is time consuming.

2. You are overwhelmed with work.

Personal development forces you to prioritize your commitments.  Too many irons in the fire may lead you to procrastinate.  When you let things pile up by putting it off to the next day. You become clueless on how to get your assignments completed.  Once you are inefficient, then procrastination becomes it twin.  There are simple steps that you may take to overcome being overwhelmed.  A decisive person moves from one task to other quickly because they do not want to leave anything for later.  You become more self-empowered when you are able to balance your life as well as your other endeavors.

3. Your confidence has slipped.

Procrastination leads to fear and doubt.  When you are not sure that you have the ability to do a job, inaction occurs.  Doubting yourself makes your confidence slip.  When your confidence lessen, then that old beliefs systems start to creep into your mind.   Your thoughts dictate your destiny.  If your thoughts are negative, then your future will be negative.

4. You have a low self-worth

Low self esteem is a fall out from your confidence slipping.  When you have low self-worth you sometimes sabotage your success the closer you get to it. You feel like you don’t deserve success which may be due to a negative beliefs system or a traumatic past. If you have a self fulfilling prophecy, then the words you give attention, desire and focus will come back to you. Success in your life and business is only for those who truly want it.

5. You are doing work you don’t really enjoy.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t do.  Your business sometimes requires that you do mundane tasks, such as paperwork.  These tasks are sometimes a necessary part of your business.  The best thing to do is focus on the things that you are great at and outsource the rest.  You will never enjoy everything that you do so you must find the right balance.

6. You are easily distracted, or just downright lazy!

This is the number one proponent for procrastination.  If you looking for an excuse not to do something, then you have no problem procrastinating.  Success takes consistent and persistent action and laziness has no rightful place in the equation.

Procrastination is a major killer to your personal development.  The previous 6 things discuss are the main reasons why people excel in procrastination.  When people become proficient in procrastinating, then they are guaranteed to fail in their life and business.  There are many ways to overcome procrastination, but the best way is to apply consistent and persistent actions without reservation.  Personal development is only as good as the effort that you put into it.

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July 28, 2009

Ask Effectively to Win in Your Home Based Business

You are running a home based business that is direct sales marketing vehicle. The presentation aspect of your product or service is great. The problem that you are having occurs at the end of the presentation. At the end of the presentation like 60% of the salespeople fails to ask for the sale. You might have we call “lay down” occasionally in your home based business.  The majority of your sales are going to come from asking for the sale.  There are a number of ways to effectively ask your potential business partners to ensure that your asking gets results.

Effective ways to get the best results when you ask for the “sale”:

1. Ask clearly.

Your choice of words is critical because words are very extremely powerful. Your request must be well thought out and coherent. If you are saying thing but you body language is saying something else then the message will be twisted. Your mastermind group would be a great resource if you have someone who is great at asking.

2. Ask with confidence.

You don’t have to speak loudly to project confidence. Confidence comes from being prepared and knowing your product or service well. The quiet strength of your confidence is clear to your potential business partners. The confident person tends to be better off then people who are hesitant and uncertain.

3. Ask consistently.

You have to ask at least three times just worded a different way. My sons ask me again and again when they want something. Kids are probably the best salesperson in the world.  A successful person will ask consistently and will not shy away from the first no.

4. Ask creatively.

You must let your creativity work in your favor to get great results in your asking.  Out of the box thinking is sometimes required to show your product or service to your hard to reach potential business partners. The internet is great for growing your home based business online, but they are still many offline ways to generate leads.

5. Ask sincerely.

The best way to show sincerity is to just be you. When you are being truthful, then your potential business partner will feel it and respond to you in kind. For instance, your video marketing does not have to perfect in your home based business opportunity. Your business partners will open up to you when they know that you are a “real” person.

They are many people who have changed the world simply by asking. Winston Churchill asked the people of the United Kingdom to “never, never, never, never give up” and Great Britain was saved from invasion. Your head down with your hat in your hand is not the proper way to ask.  When you are in a business that truly helps people, then there is no reason for you to hang your head low.  You must boldly ask for what you want. You must ask using the ways that we discussed to achieve success in your home based business.

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July 25, 2009

Completing your Unfinished Business is a Major Step in Your Personal Development

Personal development is continuous and never ending process. You must look at the good, the bad, and the ugly part of your personality.  The bad part might be how you deal with issues in your life.  The vast majority of people put off things to be done the next day.  Unfinished business in your life, health, relationship and business may lead you to become very overwhelmed. The thing to do is to resolve these issues as soon as time permits. The main reason people don’t tackle unfinished business is because of fear.  Unfinished business is all the things in your life that you have not dealt with for whatever reason.  If left unchecked a downward spiral occurs until life is totally out of control.  This may take an extraordinary amount of energy to maintain.   Opportunity knocks on the front door but you are on the floor wrestling with the heavy burden of unfinished business. You must figure out a way to deal with it.

There are three ways to handle this:

1. You can play the denial game

If I don’t acknowledge it, then it does not exist.  Your expenses are spirally out of control every month and you just stack the bills in a neat pile on your desk.  You feel like if you do not open the bill then your debt is not real.  Denial only leads to a huge check that you definitely will be unable to cash.

2. You can go into limbo

You are treading water neither going forward nor falling back just staying in limbo.  You are stuck in a neutral position that will not help you resolve your unfinished business issues.  Procrastination is a killer of productivity and efficiency.

3.  You can confront the issue head on.

There is risk in this action while the other two requires none so most people choose the latter.  You must step into your fear otherwise the repercussions will be severe.  Fear holds us back and sometimes strips us of our confidence.  You must take care of your unfinished business head on or live with the consequences.  The ringing of the telephone brings you so much dread because you think it is the creditor on the other end.  Answer the phone you might be surprised what you may be able to work out.  The solutions are so simple that it amazes us, especially when we make a mountain out of a mole hill.  Your energy will come back to you miraculously and all things that you put off will no longer fester inside of you.

You will be closer to your personal development goals, when your mind is free and clear on a continuous basis of  your unfinished business.  You have three choices on how to deal with unfinished business so choose wisely.  Electrical current takes the path of least resistance but that does not mean it is the best path for you.

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