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September 15, 2010

The Eleventh Step to Riches The Subconscious Mind Per Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

The subconscious mind holds many mysteries for all of us yet Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich states that this is the eleventh step to riches.   The subconscious mind is the link between the conscious mind and implementation of any ideas and plans.  Have you ever waked up in the middle of the night with the solution to a problem that you had been wrestling with all day?  It could be a person name that for the life of you, you could not remember.  When you laid your head down the subconscious took over.  The fact that you gave attention to that problem was enough acknowledgments for your mind to go to work on the solution.  I might not know how the subconscious mind works, but I know that I work.

I enter a room and turn on the light switch and the majority of the time the lights comes on.  The average person might not know how electricity but they are not going to go out their way to learn why.  They will continue to enjoy these illuminations in total unknowing bliss; the subconscious mind is just like that.  When we tap into our subconscious mind we don’t need to know exactly how it works.  The main requirement is that we must tap into it.  The subconscious mind is a link between your conscious mind and your desires.  It is a medium that we know a small fraction of how it works, but we get evidence of it everyday.  The operation of the subconscious mind is a mystery, but left to its own vices will take your plan, desire or purpose to fruition.

January 11, 2010

What Could a 1 Degree Adjustment Do For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity?

A 1 degree adjustment for your home internet business opportunity could take your business to the next level.  The New Year is here and everyone talks about New Year resolutions.  The most infamous one is losing weight by joining a gym.  The gyms are filled to the brim during January and February and a ghost town for the rest of the year.  The reason for the dismal failure rate of these resolutions may equate to one simple thing, too many life changes too soon.

The success rate for this new exerciser is dismal because the degree changes needed for success is a 180 degree change.  You are making a big lifestyle change that requires a very strong commitment.  The success rate will explode if everyone involved just tried to make a 1 degree change in what they were doing to achieve weight loss.  For example, instead of 7 days a week to begin with starts exercising once per week.  When exercising once per week become a habit then add one more day.   We may use this same concept to make our home internet business opportunity explode for the New Year.

If we were 10 miles apart and we started walking towards each other, but I was 1 degree off we would never arrive at the same location face to face.  It is a whole lot easier for your mind to accept a gradual change as opposed to major shift in your daily income generating activities.  For instance instead of posting 2 ads this week increase it to 3 ads and monitor the results.  The more you demand of your mind to achieve in short term the tougher it is for the mind to accept.  The key to success for 2010 is applying small changes to your home internet business opportunity and not trying to reinvent the wheel.



November 16, 2009

Discovery Series: #1 Reason Why People Confuse Activity With Productivity?

The Discovery Series by LifePath on the Results CD discusses results and the importance of achieving results.  The main reason that people confuse activity with productivity is because of the way they handle their emotions. Impatient and frustration will only delay you in getting the results that you desire. Emotions are the main deterrent to achieving success in your life. Emotions may cause you to respond in a way that you did not expect and inadvertently sabotage your success.

You must manage your thoughts and feelings in a way to generate the results that you want.  Your thoughts determine your destiny so uncontrollable emotions will deter your success.  For example, your main income generating activity is connecting with potential business partners on the phone, yet you spend the whole day checking your e-mails. Your intense desires to read every single e-mail that when you are notified by the ping immediately.

Procrastination takes over which impacts your productivity and your results are nil temporarily. Whether you let it become a permanent conclusion is up to you.  The way you respond to circumstances within and beyond your control is very critical.  I myself like things to be a certain way and when it is not my response to the situation vary.  My reaction interferes with the goals I was trying to achieve in that time frame.  When I shut down emotionally my progress is impacted deeply.  Micheal Jordan is one the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball.

Micheal spent his time doing things that would improve different aspects of his game.  The average player only practiced when they were required Jordan practiced before and the main practice.  If the average player took a 100 free throw Jordan took 200 shots, so he outworked his fellow players.  Jordan mastered his emotions and did not let deter his goal to be the best that he could be.  He did not stop shooting at the basket even when he missed many shots in a row.  He controlled his emotions and kept on taking shots.

When Micheal Jordan was at his peak in the 1990’s he made as much as $80 million a year, while many other players made the NBA minimum of about $200,000.  Was Micheal Jordan 300 times better than the player who made the minimum?  Micheal knew the difference between activity and achievement and how to use his emotions properly.  Emotions are the #1 reason that people confuse activity with productivity.  The proper handling of your emotional reaction to different stressful situations will help manifests your goals and desires.  John Assaraf states that knowledge is not power but the proper application of knowledge at the correct time is power.

September 19, 2009

9 Health Benefits of The Goji Berry And The Goji Juice

The Goji Berry, which is sometimes called the Wolf Berry, provides many health benefits for your body.  The Goji Berry (Goji) is a bright orange and red in color berry known to China and Southeastern Europe.  It comes from a shrub and may be eaten raw or cooked.  The Goji as a super fruit has had some surprising positive effect to the human body since ancient times.  Polysaccharides are classes of carbohydrates consisting of a number of mono-saccharides joined by glycosidic bonds.  Goji has 18 amino acids, Vitamin A, B & E.  Goji also has 21 mineral, proteins, fiber and Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils. Goji is also one of the richest sources of carotenolds and beta carotene.  One of the richest source of Vitamin C, even more than oranges.  Reduces the damage caused by free radicals to your cells.

This is actual breakdown of the nutritious values of the Goji, but for the average person all you care about are the health benefits.

Nine of the favorite health benefits of the Goji Berry:

1.         Help prevent night blindness and other eye problems

2.         Skin disorders

3.         Enhance immunity

4.         Protects against toxins and cancer formations, colds, flu, and infections

5.         Slow down the aging process

6.         Help lower high blood pressure

7.         Diabetes

8.         Fever

9.         Anti-cancer properties

The Goji Juice is outstanding as a stand alone product but when added with other super fruit such as pomegranate it is even better.  This blended juice also provides even better health benefits for your body.  Goji either as a juice or fruit that you should add to our diet on a daily basis.

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September 17, 2009

Will You be The Rock That Redirects The Course of The River

“Will you be the rock that redirects the course of the river?” is a quote that I came across made by Claire Nuer.  The reason I think this resounded with me is because I was also listening to the Discovery Series this week and one of the Luminaries was discussing the power of water.  We might take a big bat and hit water with such force but to no avail and a sore arm is probably the only outcome that would result.  The water is just disturbed temporarily and goes back to flowing in its direction of choice without acknowledging you.  The power of the water is tremendous individually.  The real strength of water is that we may able to harness the power but never control it.  If we were able to harness the power that we have within us we would be more phenomenal.

The secret to our success lies deep down inside of us dormant.  The wonderful thing about something being dormant is that it has the potential to come alive.  One of best way to access it is through self empowerment and personal development.  The limiting beliefs that we have will not go away without learning new skills and knowledge.  The belief system that we live our daily live by are from years of negative conditioning.   We must systematically reach inside ourselves and reverse this state of being.  It is never too late to make that transformation.   The most influential people in the World always credit personal development as a reason for his or her success. We can choose to be the rock that redirects the direction of our lives or continue to watch the water return to its original as if our brief interference of its path which is our life did not phase it.

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September 15, 2009

Top 4 Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts

The greatest asset that we possess is our mind.  The greatest liability that we possess is our mind.  The mind is a double edged sword, because your actions and in actions all stems from the space between your ears.  Napoleon Hill states that the road to success starts with your thoughts.  Your positive thoughts will lead to consistent actions and eventual success in your life, business and relationships.  Failure arises when your mind is filled with negative thoughts that lead to total inactions. What are the steps that you must take to clear up this clutter?  I use the following four methods to eliminate the negative thoughts.

1. Positive Feedback

You are told on a consistent basis that you will never amount to anything for most of your life.  The odds are that you will begin to believe these statements made by your family and peers.  The mind is like fertile land that if you plant seeds with the proper food and nutrients, then strong plants will grow.  If you have a field that is overgrown with weed, shrubs and soil that is barren, then truly nothing positive will grow.  The first thing we would have to do is clear this field and then work on the soil to make it fertile.  Positive feedback is a great way to add fertilization to the soil.  When I was in Junior High School, a teacher that I did not even know stop me in the hallway and told that he was looking forward to having me in his class next year. He turned out to be Mr. Rosen my mathematics teacher in the ninth grade.  I received the highest Mathematics Regent score in the whole school and I walk the stage at graduation to celebrate that fact.  The positive feedback that I knew he was receiving from other teachers had a lot to do with him approaching me.  You must make list of incidents where people told you positive things about you to reinforce and strengthened your mind.

2. Storytelling

Spiderman is a superhero in a comic’s strip that narrates and tells his day to day life as a college student and as a super hero.  Who do you see yourself as Peter Parker or Spiderman?  I would like to say that most of us see ourselves as Spiderman.  We would want to the satisfaction of saving lives and helping people without all of the hoopla.  We must visualize our lives the way we want it to be.  We can write our own story where we are the superhero and not the victim.  When you write your destiny the way you see it then your thoughts and actions will help you achieve it.  We sometimes suffer from the victim’s mentality where we ask Spiderman why he is trying to save us.  The victim has a strong desire to stay in his muck and mire and pull Spiderman down.  Spiderman uses his mental strength and ability to stop you from making him become a victim also.  Misery loves company.  Visualization is one of the best ways to eliminate these negative thought so you may more forward in achieving success in your life, business and relationships.

3. Media Blitz

Personal development is a compilation of books, tape, videos, seminars and audio that we listen or participated in.  We are bombarded on a daily basis with news reports on every conceivable bad thing that can happen in any given day.  The media spend more time on reporting negative news versus bringing positive news to light.  The money is in reporting the negative news.   What do you think would happen if you shut off the media from entering your thoughts?   I have made a conscious decision that I will not watch television on a daily basis.  The greatest thing about it is that I don’t even miss it.  You would have more space in your brain to fill it with more excellent personal developing material.  If something disastrous happens someone will let you know.  They are many candidates out there who like to be the bearer of bad news.  Just keep the negative media out of your mind and focus on more positive thoughts.  Food for thought: The wealthier a person becomes the less television they watch.

4. Mastermind Group

You must spend more time with the people that have your best interest at heart and less with the ones who don’t.  Mastermind groups of like minded individual who spend time building you up to help you achieve your goals are the best people to associate yourself.  You must cut out the negative naysayers that are currently in your life.  If they are preoccupied with telling you how to live your life, then you need to cut them out.  The most successful people have a network of positive and encouraging people.  One of the richest men in the World, Warren Buffet, give another of the world’s richest, Bill Gates, billions of dollars to invest in Bill Gates ‘s charity.  Is that a coincidence or a mastermind group?  I would definitely say that that relationship is one the best mastermind group in the World.

I repeat that the mind is one of the greatest assets in our life.  Our mind is also our greatest liability in our life.  You can control almost everything that is placed in your mind on a daily basis.  You may choose to develop your mind to a strong entity that allows you success in your life, business and relationship or let become barren land that nothing may grow on it.  The four methods mentioned above are the one that I use on a regular basis.  The choice is yours, chose wisely.

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August 28, 2009

Some Reflection on “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck

I just started reading the book “Finding Your Own North Star claiming the life you were meant to live” and from the few pages this book is resonating with me.  We each have two selves inside us which are the essential self and the social self.  The essential self is the intricate compasses that “continuously point toward your North Star”.  The social self is the “set of skills that actually carry toward this goal”.  For example, your essential self want passionately to become an engineer, your social self will struggle through calculus and physics.  You will achieve success in your life when your essential self and social self are in alignment.  You will be amazed how your body, mind and soul are affected when your inner selves are out of alignment.  Have you ever found yourself sabotaging your job by being late, daydreaming, and countless other ways?  This is a perfect example of our essential self speaking to us and we continue to ignore it.

YouTube Preview Image

When I was a student as early as junior high school all of my teachers recognized that I was excellent in mathematics and science.  The profession that all of them recommended was engineering.  My social self listened to them and went on to earn my B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  I have had my degree for over seventeen years and I have never worked in a job as an engineer.  I did not listen to my essential self because I just listened to what my teachers said.

The next thing that is drilled into to us is working for a company for over twenty-five years, retire and then travel.  The current economical environment of today shows us that this theory is a fallacy.  If I had taken the time to reflect and listened to whatever my essential self said. Who knows how much further in life I would be today?  When the essential self and social self are in alignment the satisfaction that you get out of your life would be everlasting.  My charge to you is that you take the time to listen to your essential self.

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August 19, 2009

How to Use the Ninth Step to Riches Which is The Mastermind to Translate Your Plans Into Action?

Napoleon Hill in “Think and grow Rich” presents the power of the mastermind as the ninth step to riches. Your definite plans are useless without enough power to translate them into action. Napoleon Hill defined power as organized and intelligently directed knowledge. The mastermind group is two or more people who with definite plans work in a spirit of harmony towards riches. The power of the mastermind group is infinite. Power is required for the accumulation and retention of money. When you are working a home business opportunity you must utilize information and knowledge that will make you very powerful.

There are three sources of knowledge:

1. Infinite Intelligence

-source of knowledge acquired through Creative Imagination

2. Accumulated Experience

-knowledge that you acquired from schools and colleges that have been classified and organized

3. Experiment and Research

-comes from people gathering, classifying and organizing new facts daily

The steps to riches will be very difficult if people depended on their efforts alone. You will not have great power without a Mastermind group. Like minded people will inject the necessary element of power that you need to succeed in your home business opportunity. You must use definitive plans with persistence and imagination that includes selecting the best mastermind group. This act in itself will bring you half way to your goals. The master mind has two characteristics which are economic and psychic.

The economic phase comes with the advantage of advice, counsel and personal cooperation of a group of people in perfect harmony. The amount of wealth that has been amassed using this method is unfathomable. The saying is that success is determined by who you know not what you know. The negative connotation of this statement is the visualization of the “old boys’ network”. The average income of your five closest friends is normally your income. The master mind group works best if you select the best possible candidates, not just your “best friends”. Your mastermind group will be your “old boys’ network” to help you succeed in your home business opportunity.

The psychic phase is more abstract and difficult to understand, because it deals with spiritual forces. Napoleon Hill believes that no two minds can come together without creating a third invisible and intangible force. He compared this force to a third mind. The human mind is partly spiritual in nature and is a form of energy. The spiritual unit of energy that is formed when two minds combine in a harmonious nature is the psychic phase.

Henry Ford is a great example of someone who surrounded himself with a great group of master minds. Henry Ford was not a learned man but he believed in having the best people to do the task that he was unable to do. Henry Ford was able to amass a fortune using this variation of the mastermind group. Your group in your home business opportunity will be about five people not fifty like Henry Ford. Your mastermind group may be just as powerful as Henry Ford so use it to the best of your ability.

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August 8, 2009

Persistence, The Eighth Step to Riches, is Required to Succeed

The majority of people are ready to throw their dreams overboard with the first sign of opposition. If the journey to success was easy, then everyone would be successful.  The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill states that persistence is the eighth step to riches. Combining willpower and desire makes an explosive pair. The perfect example of this is Hollywood.  Many “actors” go to Hollywood to find fame, fortune and success.  Hollywood is not easily conquered and it pays off and once in a while someone famous emerges.  The one recurring trait of successful people is persistence.

Persistence with definite plans will lead you to succeed in your home based business. Lack of persistence is a common trait among unsuccessful people, but it may be overcome with effort. The first step to riches is desire so if your desire is weak, then your persistence will follow suit. One remedy to strengthen your persistence is to increase your desire. Your mastermind group is also a great resource to help you be more persistent. The careful selection of your mastermind group will help in your road to riches.  The synergy created by like minded people getting together in a mastermind group is phenomenal.

Persistence is based in part on the following definite causes:

1. Definiteness of purpose

2. Desire

3. Self-Reliance

4. Definiteness of Plans

5. Accurate Knowledge

6. Cooperation

7. Willpower

8. Habit

The list above is a valid assessment of what it takes to be persistence in your road to riches.  You probably could get by with just willpower and desire, but the stronger the other six are in your life the simpler your journey will be.  Your journey may be simple, but it never will be easy.  We must take a personal inventory of ourselves to determine where our strengths and weakness lies in the definite causes above. You must rate yourself honestly and the analysis might surprise you. You might be stronger in places that you thought were weak. If you are weak in any particular area, then you must master it to accumulate wealth. Willpower is the key thing that stands out for me with persistence. The road to success is lined with many people with good intentions.  They are going to good intention you to give up your dreams.  Naysayers are always going to try to deter you from achieving your goals. Naysayers are easier to handle when it is someone else.  What if the naysayer is you?

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An Occasional Distraction is Good in Your Personal Development

Distraction is defined the dictionary as an interruption, confusion or madness. An obstacle is defined as an impediment, hindrance or barrier. Your path to personal and financial development may have different roadblocks.  You must determine whether you should run over, sidestep or jump over the roadblock. You must recognize a distraction for what it is, an interruption, and not let it become an obstacle.

A “Google slap” is an example of an obstacle. You did not have any control over what Google did with your ad. Google for some unknown reason decided that your ad violated their rules. You did not write the rules and probably can’t find a copy of the rules written anywhere on the internet. You may waste your time investigating reasons why or take it in stride and move on to the next task at hand. The degree to which an obstacle hinders your home business on line is determines by how you react to it.  Your available options are to either knock down, side step or climb over an obstacle. You must handle a distraction differently otherwise your personal development efforts will be for nothing.

An example of a distraction is the latest Harry Potter starts on Wednesday night at a special screening time. You are in charge of whether or not you go to this movie. This screening does not help you in your financial development.  This distraction will interrupt your personal development temporarily.  The combination of a few distractions could make it very difficult for you to succeed in your personal development. These activities are in direct correlation to your income.  The more your personal development increases the more your income will grow.  The less time you spend on your personal development activities the less your income will grow.  A distraction unlike the “Google Slap” is totally up to you on how you let it interfere with your financial development.  If you allow distractions to overrun you, then your failure will be imminent.

The way you tackle an obstacle or distraction is up to you. One distraction by itself might not hinder your success.  This mole might become a mountain if you don’t differentiate between a distraction and an obstacle.  Distractions not handle appropriately leads you to procrastinate.  When procrastination takes over, then your personal development income will be affected.  You are allowed some form of distractions in your personal and financial development, but you must not let it interfere with your destiny.

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