The 6 Every Bodies That Deter us From Reaching Our North Star.

This is some more musing on the “Finding Your Own north Star claiming the life you were meant to live” by Martha Beck.  Martha Beck writes the every body in our lives that we use to stop us from finding our North Star.  My previous post discussed your essential and social self.  When the essential self and social self are in alignment then we will have eternal bliss.  When our social self is dominating we sometimes use some kind of “every bodies” who deters us from achieving continuity in ourselves. For example when making a decision you consider what everybody would say if you decided to be a professional clown and not continue to be a banker.

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The “every bodies” that we form in our minds comes from the following 6 networks:

1. Family

2. Media Culture

3. Ideological Camps

4. School

5. Peers

6. Organizations

The fact remains that nobody or any organization has the right deter you from reaching your North Star.  When you make the decision to line up your social self with what your essential self is feeling then you will your most happiest.  If you hate being a doctor but you continue to practice medicine because everybody in your family were or is a doctor, then you will be miserable.  The best way to overcome this is to listen to your essential self over your need to conform to your social self.

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