The Law of Compensation Pays You For Your Service Exponentially Not Hourly

The Law of Compensation states that your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.  The way it works normally is if you work for an hour, then you get paid for an hour worth of work.  Compensation is normally what we receive for performing a specific service at our job.  A server in a restaurant serves many people so you would expect them to be over compensated for their job.  .  The server is expected and requires pay and tips to perform her duties.  The Law of Compensation is all about helping others selflessness, without an expectation of something in return.

The simple act of doing for others is a tough concept for many people.  We live in a society where you are expected to be paid for everything that you do for someone. For many years Mother Teresa ministered to the poor, sick and orphans, an excellent candidate for the Law of Compensation.  The difference is that the “income” that she received was intangible.  Mother Teresa helped people because of her visibility and reputation.  The more people she helped the more she was able to attract people who believed in her cause.  As a nun she did not have a need for material or monetary things.

Do you work in a job that you feel that the Law of Compensation should apply?

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