The Law of Reciprocity as it Relates to the Game of Basketball

The Law of Reciprocity is about giving and being open to receive without expectations or obligations.  My two sons were part of the AAU Easter Classic which is a basketball tournament for ages 7 to 17 years old.  I witnessed the law of reciprocity in action live.  The “give and go” is a very great play that when use effectively add points to the overall team score.  The person bringing the ball up the court, with a defender on him, passes the ball to an open teammate on either side of the baseline.  The teammate immediately passes the ball back to him as he cut quickly to the hoop.  The final execution of the play is scoring the two points.  The better teams were the ones that the player did not have a problem passing the ball to the open man.  I think that sometimes we want to do it all alone, but in a basketball game that definitely defeats the purpose of having four other players on the court with you.

The teams that won consistently had no issue with passing the ball to someone else who did not have 3 defenders surrounding him.  The teams that lost had the underlying team of individuals not trusting their teammates and wanting to carry the team on his back.  No one player is better than the team working in unison.  The team is only as effective as the sum of all the parts working together for particular goals and objectives.  The game of basketball is just one area of life where this law is king, what other area of your life do you see The Law of Reciprocity in action?

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