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April 14, 2013

The More You Read The More Successful You Will Become

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I was listening to a video series by Kevin Trudeau(KT) entitled “Your Wish is Your Command”. It is very interesting audio series that makes you think about what it truly takes to be successful.  He made a very interesting statement that said “Leaders are always readers”.  He also gave a list of books that he believe that should be part of every serious minded entrepreneur.  Leaders are always working on their mind on a regular basis.  When your mind is right the “facts don’t matter”.

It is critical that you work on your thinking and motivation.  It is not that you read a book once, it that you read that book many times.  I have read “Think and Grow Rich” a few times now and I get different golden nuggets each time.  The words on the book was not change by some “Kindle” glitch.  The book did not change in the passage of time, it was I that changed.

It is amazing that you will get exactly what you need from any book that you read at the perfect time.  KT uses the analogy of your favorite compact disk(CD) to illustrate the point.  You were listening to this CD and by some miracle you heard a cut that   you never heard before.  The CD was not change, it was you that changed.  The most successful not only read books, but they read the same books multiple times.

The most successful people are always reading books that improve their minds.  You will not see the most successful people watching the latest reality show twenty four hours per day.  It is one thing to watch television for a couple of hours per day, but never overdo it.  If you are watching television all day long how can you clearly define your dreams.  When you start watching a show,  it is amazing how fast an hour goes by.  The passage of time is so quick that making definite goals are out the window.

The key to success as defined by Napoleon Hill is clearly defined dreams and a burning desire.  When you read books that help you make your dreams more targeted is the best way to spend your time.   The time you spend as a coach potato is not going to help you achieve success.  The key is focus on your goals with a burning desire for success and you will be successful.


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