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January 31, 2011

The Final Ingredient for Success:The Thirteenth Step to Riches is The Sixth Sense


The sixth sense is another intangible concept like The Brain, which is the twelfth step to riches that Napoleon Hill presented in “Think and Grow Rich”.  The thirteenth step to riches as dictated by Napoleon Hill is the Sixth Sense.  The Sixth Sense is truly a concept that cannot be put into words.  Have you ever felt something was not right with a situation but you could not put your fingers on why?  The worse that we can do with our sixth sense is ignoring it. Our normal five senses of touch, sight, taste, feel and  hear when worked in tandem with each other can make any situation tangible.  The mysterious sixth sense sends us signals that can’t be verified or confirmed by anything else.  The number of live testimonials from someone who did not get on a plane then inevitably crashed.  These people are alive because they listened to that “inner voice”.  The road to riches is paved with many unsuccessful people who fell to the wayside.  GAP did a very unsuccessful publicity campaign where they change their logo.  I don’t know what inner voice told tell that that is what people wanted.  The saying is that publicity is good whether negative or positive; if the cost to make new paraphernalia was less than the sales generated then it worked. 

The repercussion of not listening may be as minor as not turning off on a side street to avoid a major traffic jam or major in making an investment that could possibly send your family to ruins.  The fact remains that when we listen to this voice the next thought that goes through our mind is an affirmation of making the correct choice.  This sixth sense is about as intangible as any concept that we may encounter.  It is not for us to prove or disprove this concept but to know that it may help you in your steps to riches.  These riches may be financial, physical or mental.  The importance of your riches is truly up to you.  Napoleon Hill throughout this whole book is that “if it is to be it is up to me” The steps to riches are an abstract as well as a blueprint that may lead you wherever you want to go. The first step is truly up to you as a man much wiser than me have stated over and over again.

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