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November 17, 2011

Three Feet From Gold Thoughts from Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

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One of my favorite quotes is Winston Churchill in his now famous speech where all he stated was “never, never, never give up”.  The impact of this statement was never felt until you yourself are “three feet from Gold”.  This story is eloquently told in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and grow Rich”.  This a story of a gold prospector, R. U. Darby during the gold rush time in America where everyone went west for fortune and untold riches.  This prospector got a hint of gold and was told this was one of the “richest mines in Colorado”.  He then went out and got “investors” to help him drill deeper for the gold.  The vein of gold disappeared and so did the hope of the prospector.  He dreams went down deeper than his drills could either dig it back up.  He did the next best thing. He sold his equipment and mine to a “junk” man.  This “junk” man call in a mining experts and discovered an amazing thing, “the vein would be found three feet from where the Darbys had stopped drilling”.

The moral of the story is that had Darby not quit so soon he would have made the millions of dollars that the “junk” man netted from that mine.  The desire to succeed must overcome the fair of failure.  He went to family for financial support instead of talking to experts.  The “junk” man used the brain trust that was available to him before he started digging in a place that might have taken him further from his riches.  Winston Churchill may have said it many years ago that you should never give up on your dreams.  A little sidebar to this story is Napoleon Hill believed that more gold is between the ears of men than can be ever drilled from the earth.  The secret to success is yours for the taking as long as you have the stick ability and intestinal fortitude to never give up.  You in fact might be three feet from your goals and dreams.

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