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October 27, 2009

Web Marketing Strategy Tip #6: On Page SEO Is Critical to Your Home Internet Business Opportunity Success

Web Marketing Strategy #5 dealt more with the Off  Page Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques that you must employ to get you on the first page of Google for your from home internet business opportunity.   This Web Marketing Strategy Tip #6 will give you ways to complete the second part of SEO which is On Page SEO.  If you were given a 32 oz drink which would you prefer to have to drink it a 12″ straw or a 30′ water hose.  The answer is obvious because a straw makes it a whole lot easier to get that liquid into your body.

The On Page SEO is along the same line, you must organize your page so it is easier for Google to review your site for relevancy to a search.  If Google has easier access to your information, then you would have a better chance to get your page ranked higher.  The 30′ water hose with the suction, a water pump, would eventually give you a taste of the liquid, but would you go through that much trouble for a sip.  Google will not waste time going through your site or blog  if it is difficult to gather the information it needs.

On Page SEO is determined by a number of factors, Title and Meta Description and Organization and Internet Linking are probably the most important ones.  You must use relevant keywords in the title and Meta tags.  Your title tags must be unique to the page, only list the relevant keywords.  If you are using the Word Press blog, then the All in One Plugin is great way to list the title, description and Meta tags that are relevant to that blog post.

When you have the correct On Page SEO and Off Page SEO working together hand in hand then you have a great opportunity to rank your keywords on the first page of Google.  The key to being an expert at SEO is consistent and persistent actions.  The most cutting edge Web Marketing Strategies using SEO to  generate free leads for your from home internet business opportunity.

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