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October 19, 2009

Web Marketing Strategy Tip #4: Blogging to Generate Free Leads For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

Blogging is an excellent way to develop a win-win relationship with your subscribers.  A win-win relationship is one where all the parties involved are benefiting.  The strategy of this type of blog is not to sell a specific product or service, but to develop relationships with the subscribers.  The premise is that you provide valuable content to your readers.

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Your blog must truly provide an outstanding resource for your target market.  You could do a blog on sports, trivial, jokes or anything that you feel would be of interest to other people.  The main reason to make a great blog is the independence of owning and being in charge of your marketing list. The leads coming into your auto responder are not yours so if the company terminate the relationship. You would be temporarily without that stream of income until you find another home internet business opportunity.

The home internet business opportunity company that you are working with may be very restrictive at times. Your rights to market the product or service may be taken away at any time. A self hosted blog with a subscription list is the best way to prevent your income from being interrupted.  The majority of home internet business opportunity set you up with a replicated site and generic auto responder system. These tools are great for branding the company and do nothing for You Inc.

You may set up You Inc. very easily especially since the expenses required to set up your blog is minimal.  You will need a domain name, hosting company and an auto responder.  These costs are minimal in comparison to the value derived from owning your blog.  Your blog is your real piece of real estate on the web.  Your list is your only asset that is portable and the more your list grows the more valuable your asset becomes.

Attraction Marketing is based on the premise that if people trust you they would be more prone to business with you.  Your blog is a passive way to convert subscribers to sales.  The actual content of the blog must not be sale driven. The premise of the blog is to provide valuable content and if your blog becomes more sales oriented, then people might opt out of your list.

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