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January 11, 2010

What Could a 1 Degree Adjustment Do For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity?

A 1 degree adjustment for your home internet business opportunity could take your business to the next level.  The New Year is here and everyone talks about New Year resolutions.  The most infamous one is losing weight by joining a gym.  The gyms are filled to the brim during January and February and a ghost town for the rest of the year.  The reason for the dismal failure rate of these resolutions may equate to one simple thing, too many life changes too soon.

The success rate for this new exerciser is dismal because the degree changes needed for success is a 180 degree change.  You are making a big lifestyle change that requires a very strong commitment.  The success rate will explode if everyone involved just tried to make a 1 degree change in what they were doing to achieve weight loss.  For example, instead of 7 days a week to begin with starts exercising once per week.  When exercising once per week become a habit then add one more day.   We may use this same concept to make our home internet business opportunity explode for the New Year.

If we were 10 miles apart and we started walking towards each other, but I was 1 degree off we would never arrive at the same location face to face.  It is a whole lot easier for your mind to accept a gradual change as opposed to major shift in your daily income generating activities.  For instance instead of posting 2 ads this week increase it to 3 ads and monitor the results.  The more you demand of your mind to achieve in short term the tougher it is for the mind to accept.  The key to success for 2010 is applying small changes to your home internet business opportunity and not trying to reinvent the wheel.



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