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February 9, 2010

What Do Chutes And Ladders Teach Us About Running a Home Internet Business Opportunity?

The simple act of playing a board game as a child could teach us tremendous concepts about running your home internet business opportunity.  One of my favorite game as a child was Chutes and Ladders where your goal was to reach the top of the board.  The person who got to the top first was the winner.  There were certain pitfalls or rewards that you could receive or be penalized.  You could either land on a square that took you closer to your goal as you traveled up the board.  The alternative was landing on a square that made you slide down the chutes or further away from your goal.  You either moved towards your goal very rapidly or very slowly.  The speed that we get closer to our goals in our home internet business opportunity is determined by a number of different factors.  The amount of targeted traffic that you generate to your website or blog is critical to your growth.

Google is always watching your website or blog and the activity of your blog or website to rank it appropriately.  SEO marketing is a method that is more towards slowly ranking your website while PPC marketing is for getting a more rapidly ranked website or blog.  The method that you use is dependent on your preference.  Chutes and Ladders can bring you very close to giving up and starting all over when you slide down a chute.  The actual throwing of the die determines whether you go up or down. Google can knock you back with a slap and the way you respond determine whether your home internet business opportunity will succeed or not.  Pitfalls versus rewards are evenly distributed on the Chutes and Ladders game board, but in real life you might encounter more pitfalls.  Rewards might come more few and far between so being persistence is very important in being successful in your home internet business opportunity.

The risk of not continuing for some people outweighs the possible rewards of succeeding in their home internet business opportunity.  Real life dictates that sometimes the risk is overwhelming while the reward is few and far between.  Chutes and Ladders does teach us about goal setting and achieving our objectives no matter the pitfalls.  The other alternative is reaching the top where you neither went up the ladder nor slide down the chute.  Does this make your journey less valid?

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