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October 22, 2009

What Is The True Path to Riches as Told by The Discovery Series by LifePath Unlimited?

I was listening to my Discover Series by LifePath Unlimited and no matter how matter how many times I listen to my CD set I always pick up something new.  I was listening to  The Path to Riches and when I first purchased the set I thought to myself I can’t wait to get that “Riches CD”.  It will finally tell me how to become immensely wealthy; I was in for a surprise because as it turned out The Path to Riches was gratitude.

I was like gratitude but as I listened to the CD I totally understood where the path to riches laid.  Patrick Combs, host Luminary, discussed “that the only time you are unhappy, is when you focus on what you don’t have.”  That is a deep statement because it is so true.  How do you feel when you are thinking about the money in your bank account?  Did I see a smile across your face or a sad look?  A perfect example of this is King Midas, most of us have heard about “The Midas Touch”.

King Midas was a great king and had many things to be grateful for such friend, family and especially his daughter.  King Midas longed to be the richest man in the World and he was granted a wish that everything he touched would turn to gold.  The only problem was that it came at a grave price because everything he took for granted turned to gold.  He was no longer able to appreciate the flowers, his friends, food or his daughter.  The Midas touch changed everything he should have been truly grateful for into gold.

When I heard this story as a child I thought that the story was about greed and being covetous.  As an adult I see so much more than that, gratitude is indeed the path to riches.  The one thing that I am grateful for is my time freedom.  I remember when I worked 12 to 14 hours workday and then get up in the morning to do it all over again.  What are you truly grateful for?

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