What is True Posterity?

Posterity is defined as succeeding or future generations collectively, but what is true posterity.  The goal of a parent is that their children either matches or exceeds what he or she has done.  The World through the eyes of a child can  reflect the actions(or in actions) of his or her parent.  This World is not perfect so the traditional family of man, woman and child has transformed into a number of different scenarios.  The one thing that every child goes through is when they realize that their parents are not perfect and all knowing.  This said child sometimes goes through “the know-it-all and you can’t tell me anything” phase.  These are trying times in the relationship of parent and child.  The parents wants to pull their hair out while the child wants to be an adult as soon as possible.  The parents knows that one day when their child has a child of his or her own that the same thing will inevitably happen to them.  These are the time in a parents life when a true posterity is dim to say the least.  The dreams of a great posterity is sometimes off the radar screen for a little while.

The role as a parent is to teach right from wrong with a level of independence.  When you have done as much as you could possibly done, then the rest is up to your son or daughter.  Your kids are a major factor in whether it comes back on the radar screen or not.  The kids that continue to do what they have always done will continue to get the same results.  The ones that learn from their  mistakes and heed to the advice that you gave them as a child will get back on the radar screen and flourish.  The ones that never get back on the radar screen will more than likely wake up when it is too late.

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