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May 4, 2015

What Self Empowering Phrases Are You Using to Motivate You in Your Life, Business and Relationship

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Self empowering phrases that are used daily may be motivating in your life, business and relationships.  One of my favorites is that the universe is conspiring to bring everything that I desire to me.  It does not have to be a mantra, just a powerful statement that you recite on a daily basis.   The more you recite the more it will become an integral part of you.

When you were a kid you heard a lot of different phrases from you parent.  “If you lie down with dogs you will end up with fleas.”  You understand right away the point that they were trying to get across.  The best thing to do is make your empowering phrase simple, but powerful.  When you look at life they are many things that are easy to do, but there are not simple to accomplish.  It is easy like your parents warn you not to hang out with “bad company” and you do it anyway.  It is not simple to get out of prison or get the stink of distrust associated with your name and character.  The more these statements become part of your life the stronger it becomes a part of your psyche.

The universe is always conspiring to give me whatever I desire.  I am not limiting the Universe from bringing great things into my life.  I am allowing the Universe to do everything in its power to satisfy my hearts’ desires.  The key to any phrase that you use is that you must believe that it will happen.  If I allow any doubt, then the Universe will not conspire for my well being.  The other powerful statement that I like to repeat aloud or in my mind is the “everything is going to turn out all right,  I dont know how, but I know everything will turn out alright”.

This might seem like a simple statement, but when everything that can go wrong goes wrong and you see no way that you can get out of all the craziness.  It is good to know that as long as you believe everything will turn out alright.  The best self empowering phrase is one that you truly believe will happen and continue to happen.  The last thing makes it possible is to write the statement down on a daily basis.  The more it is written down the more it becomes part of you.


P.S Do you know where your acre of diamonds is located or is it where you think it is?




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