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July 10, 2009

Which One do You Prefer to Live With Regret or Discipline?

“The fear of failure is a very powerful thing, but regret is even stronger. We must not give into this fear because our whole life will be filled with regret.” this is a quote from the Discovery series in Life Path Unlimited. Fear of the unknown is an irrational fear that is paralyzing too many people.

This fear could simply be something such as making that first phone call to follow a program that will make your life better. This fear is so crippling that the phone may feel like it is over 200 pounds, therefore you fail before you start. The fact remains that no matter how much other busy work you find instead of picking up the phone to call you will eventually regret your inaction.

Procrastination is a direct result of irrational fear, the ringing of the phone might make you pray to the phone god, hoping nobody answers. The conversations that you have might be so strained that you can’t wait to get off the phone. The beautiful thing about these fears is that the more you pick up the phone, dial the numbers and talk to your prospects the easier it gets.

Habits are a behavior that you keep repeating whether good or bad. If you continue to refuse to pick up the phone then it will become a very bad habit. This bad habit will lead you to closing the door on an opportunity that might be the one thing to make you financially sound.

“Successful people have successful habits and unsuccessful people don’t”, so overcome those fears that inhibits your growth as an individual.  You must not allow the fear of failure phobia to set in; otherwise you will be in dire straits. We will succeed from consistent and persistent actions that are taken on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. If you don’t perform these actions, then you life will be filled with regret, because “failure offer no alibis’.

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