Which Wolf do You Feed, The Choice is Yours?

There are two wolves that are constantly at battle in our mind.  The wolf that lives totally are totally dependent on which we feed.  We have a choice on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis to determine which wolf lives or dies.  The two wolves are positive thoughts and negative thoughts.  If we feed our positive thoughts then we tend to be more prosperity conscious, success oriented and forward thinking. Our negative thoughts tend to encompass fear, despair and backward thinking.  Which wolf do you feed?

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About Shirland Carrington

I am originally from Barbados and have lived in America for a very long time. I have done most of my school years here and I am always constantly trying to learn something new everyday. I have two sons who like to keep me busy, so I work from home. I work with a personal development company that has product that is unsurpassed by any other, excellent compensation plan and outstanding community.
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