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April 14, 2010

Why is Desire the First Step to Riches in Your Home Internet Business Opportunity?

Desire is the first step to riches as stated by Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. The pre-step to riches are thoughts.  Your destiny is determined by your thoughts.  Positive thoughts with action will help you achieve riches.  I have been in the home internet business opportunity industry for quite some time now. What I have found that many people are not happy with their current situation, but few are willing to do something about it.

Their minds are preoccupied with wanting change, but with no action they will be in the same position 5, 10 or 20 years from now.  The desire to succeed does not overshadow the desire to do nothing. You must have a strong desire with the commitment to follow through with your goals and objectives.

Desire is a requirement when it comes to succeeding in your life. If you don’t have a strong desire, then the foundation of your quest will be shaky and unstable. The path to riches is an easy system to follow, but when times get rough and your desire is weak, you will inevitably fall to the wayside. For example if you have a desire to run a marathon and the only time you can exercise is 6 a.m. every morning. When the alarm clock goes off you break it with a baseball bat. Your desire to sleep is significantly stronger than your desire to run the marathon. Your actions are therefore going to align with your desires. The only marathon that you will be able to run is only in your dreams.

Your determination and perseverance are developed from your strong sense of desire.  You home internet business opportunity will only succeed in direct relation to your desire. If the foundation is indeed weak from a lukewarm desire, then your building will crumble when things goes wrong. I will rather take eight people who are totally committed to their craft, than eighty with lukewarm enthusiasm. Your success is not dependent on the quantity of your endeavors, but in the quality of your desire to truly succeed. When you embark on your path to riches make sure that your desire is strong to help you overcome the obstacles in your path.  Why is your Why so important to your success?

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P.S The Second Step to Riches per Napoleon Hill is Faith.  Faith is believing in something that is not tangible but yet being totally steadfast and immersed in it.   Read more here…….

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  1. i tried turning my passion into a business 5 years ago. through many bad decisions, and much negative thought, my passion and desire were no longer a part of my everyday life. i've devoted the last 6 months to rebuilding my life and re-establishing my desire. i know that desire is the first step, and that faith and persistence will carry me through. but i'm having the my most difficult time finding my desire. as an 'artist' by trade, i feel like the desire to create should come easy. not true. the lack of it is making me second guess my career path. not good as i feel like its negative thinking rather than constructive reflection. any suggestions on helping cultivate desire for your craft? all thoughts help as i “openmindedly await a plan for which to accumulate my 'riches'”

    Comment by moonie — May 20, 2010 @ 5:59 pm

  2. Thank you very mush for your heartfelt comment. I don't believe that looking back at your decisions and life may be viewed as negative. Your thoughts does determine your destiny and you are on the right path to try to control your thoughts. I respect anyone is thrive to improve themselves no matter the obstacles. The secret to success is deep within us, so continue on your path of continuous and never ending desire to improve you. What type of business are you in?

    Comment by innerpowerrevealed — May 21, 2010 @ 12:20 am

  3. thank you for getting back to me… i am a photographer. kinda sunk all my other ships to be where i'm at. all my knowledge is directed towards this one area. so i feel like i need to keep searching till the creativity flows again. especially its the same creativity i would have to muster up in any other venture in order to be successfull. might as well stick with what i know unless i have a real drive to go another direction.

    Comment by moonie — May 22, 2010 @ 3:23 am

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